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More Slice stuff

Some Kimbo Slice quotes from a Dana White ‘WEC video blog’:

“It’s an opportunity for me to prove myself as a mixed martial artist,” said Slice, who was 3-1 with EliteXC after gaining internet fame on YouTube for his backyard brawls. “Coming from the backyard, coming from being a street fighter. It’s time to step up my game.”

“It’s all good. DW can say what the [expletive] he wants. As far as I’m concerned from the [expletive] that he’s saying, the greatest revenge to my knowledge is success. I don’t care about [expletive]-talking. I don’t care about [expletive]-talkers. Evidently he wasn’t willing to step to the plate, but he’s going to put me against whoever.”

I know there’s a lot of you people who don’t care about TUF and definitely don’t care about Kimbo. But are you all really expecting us MMA blogs to ignore this as a non-story? Kimbo Slice literally got bitchslapped by the MMA community harder than anyone since Kalib Starnes. He had the option to go to boxing and sham it up with Gary Shaw for good money. But instead he’s come back to try and prove he’s not a complete fake.

Even if you hate the shit out of Slice and expect him to fail in epic fashion, this is still a pretty cool story. I was just as sick as you were of Slice by the end of things, but I was pretty sick of Sarah Palin too. If she suddenly agreed to go on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader”, I’d pay attention to that too. As far as I’m concerned, when you spend as much time bagging on someone for sucking and they try to prove you wrong, it’s worth covering.