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More shows this way, plz!

I don’t know why the UFC loves Las Vegas so damn much. The crowds show up late, they love to boo like ignorant fucks, tickets often don’t move too fast, and they end up having to give comps to half the b-list celebrities in town. I suppose there’s something to be said for doing a show and then getting to go home and sleep in your own bed though. Still, that’s no excuse for the UFC giving us eastern end people the perpetual shaft. Only 4 out of the 21 events the UFC has put on in the past year have been on our end. And half the time they’ve been shitty cards.

Fortunately, it looks like Dana and the gang are finally trying to rectify that situation. Along with UFC 87 and 88 being eastern shows, we’ve also got two more potential cards before the end of the year:

White also mentioned that the UFC is trying to do shows in Chicago in October, and Boston in November. These two shows will come just after the UFC’s October 18 card in Birmingham, England. So maybe a Fight Night in Chicago, and pay-per-view in Boston the following month.

It seems like the plan is to have UFC 90 in Chicago on October 25th, but that’s all dependent on whether Spike is willing to pick up UFC 89:

Although the UFC intended for UFC 89 to air on Spike TV — and use it a way to promote the following week’s UFC 90 event on pay per view — a deal has not yet been reached with the basic cable station. UFC 89 takes place at The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England, and features a main event between Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben.

As of now, Spike TV officials aren’t commenting on the possibility of airing UFC 89, but with a so-so main event, the cable station is unlikely to fork over major dollars — like they did with a UFC 75 event headlined by Quinton Jackson and Dan Henderson — for the rights to air the Bisping vs. Leben event.

If the UFC and Spike TV are unable to reach a deal for UFC 89, the UFC would be unlikely to host pay per views on back-to-back weekends, so UFC 90 could be bumped to a later date.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope they don’t ‘New Jersey’ either of the cards.