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More Shamrock vs Shamrock talk

A few days ago, Ken Shamrock sent out an apology / appeal to get a ‘rematch’ with Kimbo Slice. My bet is Kimbo said “Fuck Ken Shamrock”, and that was the end of that. So now Ken has moved onto another big money fight: Shamrock vs Shamrock. Yup, the fight that Frank Shamrock has been itching to put together for a while now may finally come together … although truth be told there’s still 1001 details to be figured out before this becomes a reality:

There are plenty of particulars to iron out, like the date (probably sometime in April), the venue (none has been chosen) and the promotional and broadcast partners to be involved (Elite XC, CBS, and Showtime, with perhaps some other co-promoters), before what is believed to be the first brother vs. brother faceoff in fight history becomes a 100 percent done deal.

So all we have now is Ken and Frank agreeing to fight, and we don’t even know if that’s just in principle or they’ve agreed on financial terms. The Shamrocks are some of the greediest motherfuckers in MMA, so you better believe the price tag ain’t gonna be cheap for a fight between the two. Will CBS/EliteXC be willing to pick up the tab, especially considering the shit Ken put them through last time?

And last but not least, lets not forget to discuss the less savory element to the brother vs brother angle. I’m not going to go so far as to say this shits on the legacy of Bob Shamrock, but it’s certainly not a positive event to tack on. And we’ve already seen Frank Shamrock say some really vile stuff about Ken, and I only expect it to get worse. We all had a good laugh when Frank ripped Phil Baroni to shreds, but will an equal amount of vitriol help hype Shamrock vs Shamrock? Or will it make us feel like guests stuck at an awkward Thanksgiving day dinner where the family completely melts down before our eyes?

I’m torn … I used to think I wanted to see Frank vs Ken, but that was way back before Buzz Berry and the ‘Kimbo sliced incident’. Maybe I’m just weary of freakshow fights at the moment? It was all fun and games until everyone lost all respect for the sport of MMA.