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More Randy math!

Having cable while vacationing at my parents’ place is awesome. It means I get to spend the day watching Law & Order reruns and Olympic Lesbianball instead of posting on Fightlinker. I also got to catch Randy Couture on The Adam Carolla show pimping Scorpion King 2 – available next week on DVD or right now on torrents. Amazingly enough the conversation wandered from his shitty B flick to his fight career. You know, that thing people actually care about? The reason he’s famous? Yeah, that thing.

Anyways, Randy spat out a few quick numbers regarding what he felt a fight with Fedor could do: 700k in PPV sales and 6 to 10 million per fighter. That seemed kinda high to me, but me no good with the numbers so I needs help. Fortunately Pramit Mohapatra enforces the stereotype of brown people being good at math and breaks this shit down:

At $50 a pop, 700,000 PPV buys gives us $35 million in PPV revenue. Give the PPV broadcaster half and the promotion ends up with $17.5 million.

Now, UFC 87 (with an announced attendance in the neighborhood of 15,000) made a reported live gate of $2.2 million. Let’s be generous and say that Randy-Fedor garners a live gate of $3 million.

That gives the promotion a revenue of $20.5 million. Remember, this is revenue and not profit. In other words, we haven’t considered the cost of producing the event, marketing costs, the cost of renting the arena, and — as we’ve learned this week — taxes. We also haven’t considered the pay for undercard fighters. Or, the cut the promotion itself will take off the top.

Even without all of these costs factored in, Couture’s estimate of a $12-20 million total payout for both him and Fedor seems very unrealistic.

And remember, these are only the up front costs. Paying out Randy and Fedor like that would completely bend the MMA pay scale over and wreck it worse than a gonzo pornstar’s butthole. I wasn’t really hopeful for the whole Randy/Fedor fight in the UFC before but now I just consider it useless gum flapping to keep interest up. Randy is fucking crazy thinking they can squeeze that kinda money out of the UFC.