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More Randy Couture vs Chuck Liddell talk

There ain’t nothing but rumors, rumors, and more rumors floating around regarding Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, and Anderson Silva. We had already heard the one regarding Randy / Chuck / Germany / June, and despite the insanity of having such a big fight in freaking Dutchland, Bloody Elbow is reporting that it’s looking more real every day.

Others have been saying that Germany doesn’t make any sense, and that a fourth Liddell / Couture battle also feels a little old. I’ll agree on the locale, but I’m still down for a fourth battle. Truth be told you could have Chuck and Randy fighting eachother once every year and I’d be down with that. You could call it Fight Christmas, a fitting tribute to our God and heavenly baby Jesus. Keep it up till Randy is in a wheelchair and Chuck is certifiably senile. It would be better than Santa and faggy Christmas trees and all that garbage times a thousand.

But Germany … Germany? Is it just me, or does this seem like the UFC saying “Well, we said we’d be in Germany by 2009. Sure, there’s absolutely nothing done there but if we don’t just DO IT we’ll never get going!” That approach may be all well and good for taking vacations but as far as business expansion goes, I’m a bit dubious of the approach.