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More questions for the NSAC following UFC 106

If there’s a negative angle from which to view the UFC from, you know MMA blogger Ivan Trembow will be on their case about it. He’s one of those guys who brings up a lot of valid points but then kinda loses the thread by inferring the absolute worst from them. This is too bad, because hey … valid points on MMA blogs are like rare and beautiful unicorns. They deserve to be loved, brushed, and given lots of attention by all.

Ivan’s best stuff revolves around all the athletic commission bullshit people like you and I don’t really care about, y’know … like fighter safety. At UFC 102 he pointed out the obvious retardation in the commission allowing Ed Herman to answer the second round bell even though he’d clearly fucked his knee up. And now he’s got a laundry list of complaints about UFC 106. Here they are summarized (and with some of the crazy talk taken out):

1. The NSAC should have drug tested Karo Parisyan leading up to his fight with Dustin Hazelett. Then we would have known far enough in advance time that McLovin could have gotten a new opponent.

2. Ben Saunders is a douche for giving Marcus Davis an extra punch after the ref had clearly stopped the fight. Saunders pretty much stuck his face in Josh Rosenthal’s armpit to get that one last shot in. The question: why aren’t late shots like this punished? I’m pretty sure you’d see them go the way of the dodo if commissions started taking a chunk of cash from the offending fighter (and maybe giving it to the guy on the receiving end).

3. What was the deal with that wackiness during Kos / Rumble when the doctor said the fight should be stopped but then the fight went on just fine? I dunno what’s more worrisome, how fast the doctor was willing to wave the fight off or how the fight started right back up a few seconds later regardless. How long does it take to write up step by step procedures for dealing with one of the most typical fouls in MMA, people?

4. Tito and Forrest fighting injured. Ivan’s reasoning is that it’s against the rules for fighters to lie to doctors about their health and the commissions should do something if they find out after that a guy is competing with a broken foot, bulging neck disc or ‘cracked skull’.

Some of these are pretty straight forward – late shots should be fined, druggies should be tested, and commission staff should maybe know the rules if they’re gonna work events. The injury thing is a stickier wicket because guys are always gonna come into a fight banged up. Still, it’d be nice to know where inbetween ‘everyone’s injured’ and ‘a punch to the neck could have paralyzed Tito for life’ (if he’s not full of shit) to draw the line.