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More Quebec MMA bullshit

Zach Arnold has a good round-up of everything going on in Quebec at the moment. Long story short, the RACJ seems to be hunkering down and preparing to battle the UFC on this MMA rules shit. Dana White is heading up to try and fix the problem, but this seems like a decision that was made by the heads of the RACJ. If White wants to salvage his show, he better have someone higher up in the Quebec government who’s willing to twist arms on his behalf. Or he’ll need to sue these fuckers for enforcing or ignoring rules on a whim.

Everyone has been bashing on Stephan Patry, blaming his Strikebox event for this whole fiasco. But from talking to several people around Montreal, I’ve heard that it was largely the RACJ which was responsible for the mess that unfolded last week at his event.

So the ‘why’ of this all is still blurry but should become obvious sometime next week. Is this all because of new RACJ administration making a decision to drive MMA out of the province? Are they doing this because they’re stuffy dumbass fucks? Or is it because the Strikebox event resulted in them dusting off the rulebooks and reading them for the first time? My bet is this had more to do with that kid in Winnipeg almost dying than anything else.

Whatever the case, the UFC isn’t the only one that is affected. Keep an eye on what happens to next weekend’s XMMA show. If the UFC moves back to Vegas and the XMMA show is fucked up, the RAJC will have effectively killed MMA in Montreal.