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More Pics from Sengoku

Gomi gets ready for the fireworks
Gomi and other fighters prepare their ears for the fireworks

Yeah yeah yeah, this is old now but it’s new to you! I finally loaded more photos from my night at Sengoku 7 after battling with the worst jet lag ever.

Since covering the fights was not my primary objective, I don’t have a lot of fight photos but you can find strong work on Sherdog by Daniel Herbertson.

Well, also I did not have ringside access but that allowed me to notice awesome moments like this:

Sleepy fans
Sleepy Fans

By no means are they an indicator of how the show went. Sengoku was solid. This couple was dozing off and on all night long, getting really comfortable (as evidenced by his well-tucked hand), removing most of their clothes, and really spreading out in their seats.

I highly recommend Japan as an MMA fan destination. While you’re there, catch a small show like Shooto or DEEP, and a big show like Dream or Sengoku, and get a new perspective on fandom. I’m not saying it’s better or worse, but it’s very different. Click here for the rest of my adventure at Sengoku no Ran.