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More on that Diaz presser thing

Here’s a video interview of Nate Diaz at the UFC Fight Night post-event conference, filmed during his brother’s apparent temper tantrum. Note that he has nothing to do with whatever the fuck went on, and it’s Nick in the background who goes off. I’ve listened to this a couple of times and it sounds like Nick starts to get riled up around the time his brother is asked about fighting Clay Guida. As best as I can hear, he says something about “fight him, not me” and then I hear a “fuck” or two, followed by chair scraping and Nate following his brother out. Oh, and a classic reaction from Clay Guida.

I really don’t get what’s up with the Diaz brothers … are they getting worse or were they always this bad? I know they’re not flipping out all the time, but a .300 batting average still gets you into the major leagues, baby.