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More on Mirko’s big training changes

When Mirko Crocop announced that he had switched up his training camp in an attempt to revitalize his career (ie get it off life support), we weren’t very impressed. First off, it’s hard to take a guy seriously when he just stepped away from the edge of another depressed near-retirement, and it’s even harder to imagine that much of a change when your coaching shake up involves dumping one Croatian coach for another Croatian coach you already worked with during your suck stage.

But now Crocop is back, and he’s sharing more details about these huge changes! Not only has he tweaked a few of the guys he’s working with, he’s also changed up the time of day he trains at. Seriously:

Physically and mentally, I  was tired. I trained twice a day and I think that was a mistake as the human body cannot recover from training hard morning and evening. The evening training was perhaps harder as I knew I would have to be back in at 5am to start the morning training; it was mentally hard. The morning training stifled me.

Since the loss to Dos Santos, Filipovic has changed his training regimen and has dismissed many of his long-time training coaches and partners. He says that many of his former training partners were only available in the morning which meant he was obliged to be there “for myself and for them” despite often being “ill-prepared for it because of a messed up biorytham or because I was tired.”

Filipovic says he has a different training schedule now and trains at different times to the ones he used to. He also believes he has addressed the issue of lacking motivation. “There is no better motivation than what was mentioned earlier, which is that I am ranked in 20th place.”

I want to believe Crocop. I really do. But let’s face it: historically, Crocop is a headcase and while I’m sure being stuck in 20th place is motivation on some days, I bet most days it’s just a big mindfuck that eats away at his heart. Here’s hoping I’m wrong. Seeing him lose to Ben Rothwell at UFC 111 in Australia would literally make me die a little inside.