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More on Matt Lindland, political juggernaut

There’s an interesting article over at CBS Sportsline that delves a bit more into Matt Lindland’s decision to run for Oregon state representative. He’s running as a Republican under the standard Republican “too much government intrusion in our lives is a bad thing” platform (unless of course you’re talking about what you’re allowed to do in your bedroom or what happens to you if you’re deemed a security threat … then there’s no such thing as too MUCH government intrusion).

While Lindland admitted he has absolutely no experience whatsoever in ‘real’ politics, the article lays out Matt’s past run-ins with ‘work politics’:

One thing you can say for Lindland, he’s never been the type to remain silent in the face of a perceived injustice.

Before the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, Lindland filed a lawsuit to ensure that his spot on the U.S. Wrestling team wasn’t unfairly given away due to a scoring error. After entering the world of MMA, he created waves in the UFC when a title bout promised to Lindland was given instead to Rich Franklin without explanation.

Lindland would later be released from his UFC contract for wearing an unapproved sponsor logo to a weigh-in — a move recognized by the sport’s insiders as little more than a convenient excuse for getting rid of the man who refused to toe the company line.

While being so outspoken and eager to challenge authority might have made Lindland’s athletic career more difficult than most, he believes the same attributes will make him an effective legislator.

Let’s hope that foray into ‘real’ politics will redirect all that argumentative shit he does which has tended to sabotage his fight career over the years.

  • GonzoDamon says:

    OKAY…….eerrrrchhh….hold up! Matt Lindland did not go to court to secure his spot on the Olympic team due to a scoring error! HE WAS DQ’D BECAUSE HE BIT HIS OPPONENT EAR DURING THE QUALIFIERS. Somehow, the court overruled the DQ!!


  • GonzoDamon says:

    OKay, so, apaprently, I’ve always thought incorrectly. Here is the New York Times article related to the incident. He was not acually DQ’D for the biting…

    “Another Bizarre Turn In Battle of the Wrestlers
    Published: September 1, 2000

    A dispute between two wrestlers bidding to represent the United States at the Olympics has taken a plot twist along the lines of Mike Tyson meeting a professional wrestler.

    Matt Lindland was placed on the Greco-Roman team for Sydney after the International Olympic Committee said today that he could be substituted for his rival Keith Sieracki as ordered by a federal judge.

    While awaiting a ruling from the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Sieracki drove from Colorado Springs to Denver with a videotape that appeared to show Lindland biting Sieracki’s ear during their 167 1/2-pound qualifying match at the Olympic trials two months ago in Dallas.

    Though not conclusive, the tape, viewed by The Associated Press, showed Lindland making a deliberate move toward Sieracki’s right ear as the two wrestlers jostle for leverage. Sieracki immediately jumped back in protest, and close-up footage showed a small amount of blood coming from the ear.

    Sieracki, a military police sergeant stationed at the Fort Carson Army post, won the match by 2-1 on a referee’s decision. USA Wrestling committees upheld that decision, but an arbitrator ordered a rematch after Lindland said that he had been illegally tripped. Lindland won the rematch, 8-0. ”I didn’t hook the legs,” Sieracki said. ”It was incidental contact. On top of that, he bit my ear and should have been disqualified. The ear bite is a lot more apparent compared to the leg call.”

    Lindland, an assistant coach at Nebraska until April, did not deny biting Sieracki’s ear.

    The United States Olympic Committee reviewed the conflicting cases and submitted Sieracki’s name as part of the Olympic team on Sunday to comply with I.O.C. deadlines. It asked the I.O.C. on Tuesday to name Lindland as a replacement to comply with a judge’s ruling in Chicago.

    Lindland tempered his enthusiasm after hearing the news. Both wrestlers were still awaiting a ruling on Sieracki’s appeal to the federal appellate court in Chicago.”

  • Lifer says:

    will he smell as bad when politicking as he did wrestling? that’s my main concern.

  • Captain says:

    Is anyone else not able to comment at 5ozs? For some reason my comments never show up.

    Matt Lindland is like most republicans, pudgy, bald, and smelly.

  • garth says:

    “Look Lois, the two symbols of the Republican Party: An elephant, and a fat white guy afraid of change!”
    -Peter Griffin

    as flink noted, isnt it funny how the “rugged individualist” conservatives/libertarians suddenly stop being so rugged when some dude wants to bone another dude, or smoke a bowl…then fucking throw those bitches in irons. “conservatives” are the biggest joke in this country’s history.

  • Ok Canadian MMA goofball websites (as much as I love them so) REALLY needs to stay out of American politics. As soon as you guys stop sitting there prospering off of our prosperity by doing absolutely nothing (but pulling oil out of mud) then you can start talking shit.

    Back to MMA please? =)

  • Lifer says:

    I think a republican has revealed himself! We’ll stop commenting on your politics when they arent so ridiculously fucked up.

  • Johnny says:

    Sometimes “doing absolutely nothing” is a good thing. In America’s case, it would mean:

    -less dead Vietnamese
    -less dead Iraqis
    -no Saddam Hussein
    -no al-Qaeda
    -less dead Cambodians
    -less dead Vietnamese
    -50+ years of democracy in Iran
    -50+ years of democracy in Ecuador
    -30+ years of democracy in Chile
    -food in Haiti

    Doing stuff is overrated.

  • Johnny says:

    Me so sorry. Not Ecuador, but Guatemala.

  • Morghan says:

    Supreme court of course was who gave Lindland to go ahead to go to Sydney… it would figure he would try to get into politics as he fits right in. (Slimy and all out for himself for the show not for what and who represents our country better) The Olympic Committee making a much better decision than our own politicians, would probably be able to run this country much better as well! Maybe we would even have people in place that would gain the most respect!