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More on Josh Barnett’s woes

While we wait wait wait for the CSAC to release more details about Josh Barnett’s drug test fail than just “He tested positive for SOMETHING!”, I figure I’ll share with you what the guys at Affliction had to say on their conference call regarding the entire disaster. Via Bloody Elbow’s wonderfully concise notes:

Beau Dure asked if Josh Barnett’s test could be overturned. It was Atencio’s understanding that the CSAC had taken two samples and are now testing the second sample provided at the initial testing.

Adam Wagner asked if Josh Barnett’s second sample comes back positive, how will that affect your relationship with him? Atencio said it won’t impact the relationship but it will be “something that will be on Josh” and that the real meaning will be that “he won’t be able to fight in my organization anymore.”

Denny Burkholder asked if Josh Barnett is cleared by the second test if he would still fight. Atencio said that is up to the CSAC and that his understanding that if Barnett is cleared that it is a very real possibility that the Fedor vs Barnett fight could go on.

Ariel Helwani asked what  banned substance Barnett tested positive for. Atencio does not know.

Todd Martin asked if there had been any advance warning that there might be a problem with Josh’s test results. Atencio said no, that yesterday was the first indication he had gotten that there might be a problem.

I have no idea what’s taking the CSAC so long to say what’s up with Josh. The CSAC should take a lesson from Kid Nate and just report the facts. All we need is the substance and the amount over the limit, thank you very much.