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More on EliteXC running long

I talked a little bit about how EliteXC was basically saying FUCK YOU to all the CBS affiliates carrying their event by stuffing another fight onto this Saturday’s Heat card. In general, running over your allotted timeslot is considered a big no no. Football and baseball are given a little leeway but word was that a lot of CBS stations weren’t happy at all with the first EliteXC/CBS show running longer than a marathon in Kenya. So why is EliteXC pushing the issue again? MMA Payout has some insight:

Committing to show all five fights almost ensures that they are going to go into time overages, going past the 11 o’clock cut-off into the news hour. This should lead to a generally inflated number, as was much the case with their 5/31 show. Such time over runs are generally frowned upon by local affiliates, and this was the case with the May card.

EliteXC is less vulnerable to the affiliates displeasure this time, because without a strong number to boost their stock they won’t be around on CBS to face the affiliate backlash. If they go over and are able to put up a big rating, they will be more than happy to take the heat because it will mean they are still viable on the Network.

It’s a make or break situation: who cares what the affiliates think, life support is the number 1 priority and if running over helps the ratings, then they’re gonna run over. Let’s just hope the affiliates don’t take too close of a look at *why* the event ran over. If they find out this was all on purpose then EliteXC might find their next event replaced by CSI reruns in many areas.