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More on Brock

Jackal Amy Robinson was talking in the comments section about something Dave Meltzer said regarding Brock Lesnar:

“It would be a mistake to dismiss Lesnar as an over-muscled fake; he’s arguably the best all-around athlete of any heavyweight in UFC history. Certainly nobody can match his combination of strength, explosive power, and speed to go along with his 265-pound fighting weight.”

Amy was basically saying “Come on now. Buying into the WWE hype much?” But as much as I hate to admit it, Meltzer may be right. Just check out these stats on Lesnar’s physical abilities:

Nobody questions his tenacity. His strength. His pure athletic ability. A few weeks after his wrestling career came to an end with a Wrestlemania loss to Goldberg, Lesnar ran the 40-yard dash in 4.7 seconds, a blistering time for a man his size. He has a 10-foot standing broad jump. A 35-inch vertical leap, not to mention the bench and squat numbers. It’s the tools of an NFL running back power packed into a gladiator’s frame.

So Meltzer would be technically correct to say that Lesnar’s strength, power, and speed are unparalleled in the UFC heavyweight division. Of course, your physical attributes and stats only mean so much in the cage. Luke Thomas asked “Yeah, but can he take a punch?” I think that’s the wrong question to ask. For all the hokey shit surrounding wrestling, you still have to be a tough SOB to last. If Brock Lesnar can walk away from something like this, I think he’ll be able to withstand any firepower Frank Mir can muster.

The real question is if Lesnar will try to coast on his physical attributes or if he’s working his ass off to pick up the required striking and ground acumen needed to get by. It’s pretty straightforward that the guy has all the physical tools he needs to make it in MMA. So lets see how well that pays off for him when he goes against guys who have been training MMA for years.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    That fall was rough :S

  • MacDaddy says:

    Apparently HGH also allows you to regrow the bones in your face…

    I wonder if you’re allowed to jump off the cage? Because if he successfully did that to Tim Sylvia I would give him a 2 month pass on the steroids, homophobia and penis chest tattoo.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    I’m not buying into the hype. He may be a physical specimen and he has solid experience in amateur wrestling as a multiple time NCAA Division I champion. But physical prowess and domination in a single martial art (wrestling) eight years ago doesn’t guarantee success. Brock Lesnar is over-hyped because of his WWE fame. Had he not been a WWE superstar, the bookers wouldn’t have made him the favorite and he’d be paying his dues rather than being put right into the main event.

  • Xavier says:

    People wondering about his jaw are off their rocker anyways, Mir’s standup isn’t anything to write home about. My question is about his neck. Will he panic in a choke? Does he know how to defend when he’s got a guy hanging off his back?

    I just hope that this fight doesn’t end early in the first round either way.

  • Mapultoid says:

    Xavier, I’m pretty sure you have to HAVE a neck to get choked…

  • Márcio says:

    Mir will probably show up fat and undertrained as usual and Brock will have a good chance at taking the fight. Still I’m hoping Mir kicks Brock’s amoral bigoted ass out of the UFC.

  • danaunclefesterwhite says:

    Brock has no neck but I think Mir will armbar/kimura him. Considering how much of an asshole Brock is, I hope Mir Tim Sylvia’s his arm.

  • Atom says:

    “I wonder if you’re allowed to jump off the cage? Because if he successfully did that to Tim Sylvia I would give him a 2 month pass on the steroids, homophobia and penis chest tattoo.”

    Fucking hilarious.

    “Had he not been a WWE superstar, the bookers wouldn’t have made him the favorite and he’d be paying his dues rather than being put right into the main event.”

    I don’t think it has anything to do with the who the bookers think will win. Its who the public thinks will win that counts. Vegas & off shore sites always want the money to come in evenly, so they make money off the juice and have no chance of losing.

  • Mike_N says:

    The only guys have that have consistently given Mir trouble (not counting Pe de Pano) have been sluggers with knockout power, and I don’t think that Brock’s comfortable enough on his feet to try to stand and trade with Mir.

    While I believe in the wrestlers’ theory of “position over submission,” I don’t think Brock’s trained with submission guys at Mir’s skill level, and considering that the guy’s made a career out of submitting freakishly tall/large/strong guys, I don’t think that bodes well for Lesnar. As for Brock’s amateur pedigree, let’s remember, guys (and gals)–Branden Lee Hinkle had an NCAA wrestling championship, too (okay, it was Division II, but work with me here, people).

  • MJC_123 says:

    My guess is when Mir has Brock in an armbar, the lights will cut off and Randy will enter the cage, and push Mir up to the side of the octagon and hold him their for 20mins or so like he does in everyone of his fights….

    Mir will win by D.Q and Brock will be pissed at Randy for the interference, Brock will run to takedown Randy, only for Randy to toehold Brock, and put him in the move that Chris Benoit used to kill his family, after that Fedor runs down rips Brock out of Randy’s clutches and sets up a mega fight between Randy and Fedor at Wrestlemania in an Octagon with electric fencing.

  • Da Twin says:

    Lesner= Most well rounded athlete H.W? maybe but you have to be able to take a hit, stand up, and experiance! Mir will sumit or KO him. Unless Brock does the Lay N Pray!

  • fightfan says:

    So true. He has physical attributes and strengths that not many, if any at all HW’s can match.

    Sure he may be the strongest HW in the division. But can he fight?? Being able to kick ass is another story. There is a big difference from being a fighter and someone that can lift a car and squat 800 lbs.

    Just because he is the most impending and maybe intimidating looking, it doesnt mean he can fight.

  • dignan says:

    I noticed nobody has talked about his first MMA fight in which he absolutely destroyed that tin can Judo silver medalist.

    Obviously a Judo silver medalist does not mean you will do well at MMA, but the fellow was a big guy and had more MMA experience than Lesnar.

    Lesnar took him down and mounted him with ease. It was a joke, but I can see him flat out over powering Mir.

    Someone tell me how Mir will stop him from getting mounted, and than get that 280 lbs of muscle off of him. I assume he will probably weigh 280+ by the day of the fight.

    Mir has looked useless his last few fights, and has been in brutal shape with no stamina.

  • Gavin says:

    I dunno if anybody has read FIGHT! magazine’s feature on Brock, but it’s basically a giant circlejerk to pictures of Brock. At least four different contributors verbally fellate him to no end. Possibly the most useless article ever.

  • Zheroen says:

    Lesnar had been training with Royce Gracie in preparation for his debut MMA fight at the K-1 Dynamite! show against Kim Min Soo, and Gracie was full of compliments about his ability. Prior to that, Lesnar had been training with Pat Miletich (who likened him to a heavyweight version of Matt Hughes). He’s definitely got the physical tools and the training, all that remains to be seen is whether or not he has the strength of will necessary to succeed.

  • Accomando says:

    Lesnar will spear Mir and then mount and pound him to death.

  • dignan says:


    I think it’s the first time we agree on something. The potential for that to happen is good.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    I can’t believe so many people buy the hype on Lesnar. He migh have potential, but not vs Mir in his sencond fight ever. Its gonna be UFC 1 all over again.

    “Mir’s standup isn’t anything to write home about.”
    – Very true when you compare him to great strikers, but Mir is fighting a guy who has never thown a real strike in a fight.

    “Lesnar had been training with Royce Gracie ”
    -Hardok tranined with Rickson and got submitted by Mir

    “Someone tell me how Mir will stop him from getting mounted, and than get that 280 lbs of muscle off of him. ”

    -Via armbar

  • shit, I made the blog!

    I just could not see why the hell Meltzer would say something like that with guys like Kevin Randleman, Mark Kerr, and Mark Coleman around. They also have NCAA titles, Kevin has two. Both have amazing strength, the pure physical gifts and Randleman was especially agile and quick. Not too mention THEY ACTUALLY WERE UFC CHAMPIONS AND LEGENDS. Brock hasn’t done squat in the sport yet so to somehow put him higher than those two as far as best pure sport athletes ever in the UFC heavyweight division is insanity.

    They all have the same physicals characteristics Dave cited, and the amazing amateur wrestling creds., Randleman, Kerr, and Coleman might actually have better than Lesnars as they were kings during a time of kings in the NCAA. And all achieved much more senior national and international success, in which Lesnar practically did nothing.

    Even past those 3 they are still a good amount of other top wrestlers that could be put ahead of Lesnar in their wrestling accomplishments. Royce Alger was a 2 times nation champ. Kevin Jackson was an Olympic gold medalist and 2x world gold medalist. Mike Van Arsdale also is an NCAA champ. Randy Couture who had a good college career and was a 3 time Olympic team member. Dan Severn was also an held a few national and international senior competition titles. And Mark Schultz was a 3 time NCAA champ and 2x world champ.

    Just an explaination on the reasoning behind my rational for you.

  • Grass Hoppa says:

    After reading Amy’s reasoning, i tend to agree with her. This coming fight will answer everyone’s questions i guess….