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More Noons on his ‘free agent’ status

I’m still really confused over KJ’s claim that he’s a free agent because the fights he owed EliteXC had to be ‘championship fights’. I figure you guys are too, so here’s another interview with him from MMA Junkie where he says some more stuff about that:

“You can say however much you want that I owe you fights. I can go fight somewhere else. I’m not going to fight those fights if I owe them or not. It doesn’t matter. It’s supposed to be title fights, and I’m not the champ.”

It would seem that Noons could soon find himself in the center of a courtroom rather than a cage. EliteXC would certainly want to prohibit Noons from simply walking away from any obligated duties he may still owe. Noons said he and manager Mark Dion have done their homework, and are sure of his free-agent status.

“I’m very confident,” Noons said of the termination of his contract. “I’m sure you know by now, once something is done to me — like being stripped of my belt — I don’t just come out and immediately react off of emotion. I want to make sure all my ducks are lined up correctly, and I say the educated, right thing.

“Let’s say legally, or for whatever reason, I do owe them two fights. You can wait for a lifetime before I fight those two fights. I’ll go fight 50 other fights before I fight those two.”

It kinda sounds now that Noons is saying he just doesn’t plan on giving EliteXC the two last fights on his contract, and that since he’s non-exclusive he can go fight anywhere else that he wants. And while EliteXC may be able to take Noons to court over refusing to take fights with them, they’re not gonna be able to lock him up in the meantime like the UFC did with Randy Couture.