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More Nashville brawl fallout

The UFC just announced Nate Diaz vs Marcus Davis for their August 28th card in Boston. How is Nate able to fight when it looked like everyone involved in the Nashville brawl was getting a three month vacation starting when the commission received paperwork? Tennessee’s commission announced punishments on May 27th. Did Nate get his paperwork in the very next day? Nope, it turns out Nate isn’t included in the suspensions:

The TAC targeted the fighter and four others for sanctions as a result of an ugly in-cage brawl that erupted after Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields defended his title with a win over Dan Henderson in the main event of April’s CBS-broadcast “Strikeforce: Nashville” event.

Four of the fighters – Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, Jason Miller, and Diaz’s older brother, Nick Diaz – faced fines and suspensions. However, because Nate Diaz does not carry a fight license in Tennessee, he cannot be suspended; instead, he is required to pay a $7,500 fine to clear his name.

Nick Diaz was able to headline DREAM.14 the weekend after the commission announced the suspensions. Melendez is out with an injury anyways, and Jake Shields is in contract negotiations. With Nate Diaz getting off with a fine, the only person who’s lost a fight so far is Jason Miller, the guy who got jumped for fuck’s sake.

But Nick Diaz isn’t in the clear yet … he just mailed in his paperwork two days ago and will be out until the end of September. If Strikeforce keeps the start of it’s middleweight tournament on August 21st, he won’t be able to participate. And unless the wheels were rolling prior to the commission’s suspension announcements, Mayhem Miller won’t be able to either.