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More Mirko stuff

I just wrote a little summary of the Mirko Crocop / Dana White situation over at EveryJoe for everyone that hasn’t been keeping a close eye on it. In it I include my thoughts on a potential lawsuit from the UFC, and also a picture of Mirko visiting a children’s hospital with Jean Claude Van Damme just to remind everyone he isn’t a complete sack of shit. Unless he’s there to pick out another easy opponent to fight, which is always possible.

Speaking of who he’s fighting, Mirko might be back in DREAM to face Mighty Mo as soon as July 20th. As far as competition goes, it’s a nice step up and the first opponent for Crocop that hasn’t made me want to fling my laptop against a wall in frustration. Mo is by no means great and he’s primarily a kickboxer, but he’s got enough KO power to be a threat to the less mythical fighter Crocop has become. After how many Al-Turks, Sanchez, and Mizunos, I’ll take what I can get.