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More Krazy Horse fun

I was trying to dig up more information on Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett’s recent pipe swinging adventures and instead found ” target=”_blank”>a longer version of the PRIDE backstage fight video between him and Chute Boxe coach Cristiano Marcello.

In the original video there was a gap between Krazy Horse sitting around seemingly chill and him freaking out and attacking Marcello – this video has the complete lead-up to the fight, along with translations in the comments from Youtube user ‘enzonoia’. (I know! Who could have imagined that they could contain useful information! Someone call Ripley’s!)

Wanderlei: You have a problem with me? Do you have a problem with me, brother? You wanna get it on with me? It ain’t gonna happen, it aint gonna happen. Man what you said there? (To Marcelo) Ask him what he said.
Marcello: What’s happening?
Wanderlei: Whats the matter, man? (To Marcello) Ask him Whats the matter. What’s the matter man? Whats the matter? What you said there? Have you said I’m the next? (To Marcello) Ask him if he said I’m the next, didn’t he said I’m the next? So… so let’s see it, man!
Marcello: I’m the next?
Krazy Horse: What was that?
Marcello : I’m the next?
Krazy Horse: What was that?
Rudimar: That’s it, leave it, never mind.
Wanderlei: You’re cheeky. (To Marcello) Provoke him, take him on, tell him to get it on, he’s a cheeky motherfucker. He says I’m next, so I’m next then. Check it out, he’s laughing.
Marcello: Why you laughing to me bro?
*Fight Starts*
Wanderlei: Kick his ass, Cristiano, kick his ass. beat this son of a bitch!

So there we have it. We’d suspected from the original video that Krazy Horse wasn’t the one who instigated the fight, and any updated assessment really depends on if you consider telling Wanderlei Silva in a room full of Chute Boxe fighters that ‘he’s next’ instigation. Still not clarified: Krazy Horse’s claim that he knocked Wanderlei Silva out during the ‘edited’ portion of this video – there’s another point in the fight right before the triangle happens that’s missing and who knows what’s happening there but it seems kinda doubtful that he’d be able to de-tangle himself from Marcello and take out Wanderlei (who went on to win a split decision against Ricardo Arona later that night).