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More kidfights

You get some strange stuff coming through your google alerts when you have it set to pick up every instance of ‘Ultimate Fighting’ on the net. Like this little gem about a dude too cheap to pay the 50 bucks for a UFC pay per view. Why do that when you have two little headliners of your own:

Pedro Delgado-Bristol, 26, allegedly forced his two boys to fight on Jan. 9 at his Rockport home while he lay on his bed and watched, according to police reports. The boys told a Knox County Sheriff’s Office detective that the fighting they did was like the Ultimate Fighting Championship and that they had to hit each other with closed fists, kicks and knees to the body.

The boys also told the detective that their father hit the younger one with a sandal about six times when the 4-year-old refused to fight anymore.

Detective Justin Twitchell of the sheriff’s office wrote in his report that the younger boy “said that he was being forced to fight his older brother and did not want to. His brother had hit him and hurt him, which made him cry.”

The boys’ mother saw the injuries on her younger son when she picked them up from a visit with Delgado-Bristol, and she reported the man to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services, which in turn reported the matter to police.

If only the ref had whacked Anderson Silva with a sandal when he refused to fight. While the MMA angle on this story sounds a bit dubious, you can add this story to the pile of crazy parents doing crazy things to their kids with an MMA twist, like the dad who tasered his baby to make it tough like a UFC champ or the dad who chained his daughter to her bed so she would make weight for fights.