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More Joe Lauzon self promotion

We always say that it’s a bad idea to rely on the UFC to market the shit out of you as a fighter. Sure, when they feel like building someone up they do a pretty decent job of it. But with over 200 fighters on the roster, do you really want to wait for Dana and the gang to hand pick you for greatness?

With that in mind, I gotta give Joe Lauzon some props for doing all the dirty work by himself. Leading up to his fight with Jeremy Stephens he released a bunch of video blogs (the new big trend I guess), and now he’s putting out press releases talking about how awesome his win was and trying to sell himself as a contender:

Lauzon is one of the few, if not the only MMA fighter without a single tattoo. In fact, he stands out from other fighters because he doesn’t have the customary “tats” all over his body. “Yeah,” Joe laughed, “I just can’t commit to anything. Some tattoos look good but most are terrible. Fighters either have 1 or 2, or all up and down their body. Maybe down the road, on a certain place, but right now I don’t have a desire to have something permanent on my body like a tattoo.”

The UFC lightweight division, from top to bottom, is loaded. Lauzon finds himself on the verge of cracking into a spot among the UFC’s elite 155-pound, chasing champion (and his former coach) B. J. Penn, former title-holder Sean Sherk and a rematch with Kenny Florian among the more notables. “I think the lightweight division, by far, is the toughest and deepest, talent- wise,” Lauzon commented. “A lot of those top guys are a solid 170-180 pounds, walking around, and lose weight to fight at 155. Someday I’d like a rematch with Kenny Florian, of course, and I want to fight Hermes, especially after all the trash he talked after pulling out of our fight. But he’s going to be out of action for a while with a torn ACL (knee injury).   Next, I’d like somebody like Clay Guida (26-6), who just won a big fight against Nate Diaz (decision).”

I don’t really get the whole “Joe Lauzon doesn’t have tattoos” promotional angle, but I guess Joe and his gang didn’t think the whole “Joe has freaking gigantic ears” thing would sell. This is also the guy who thought J-Lau was a good idea for a nickname, so I’m not all that surprised really.