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More Japan talk for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Tournament

ScottCoker is bringing up Canada and Japan again for their heavyweight GP, options that make a bit more sense when you consider Josh Barnett’s semi-outlaw status with US commissions.

“We’re having a couple conversations right now and we definitely want to travel to Canada at some point, which we’re working on,” Coker said. “We’d definitely like to take one leg of the tournament at some point, it doesn’t have to be the next one or it could be the semifinals or maybe even the fights, but we’d like to eventually this year take one of those legs to Japan.”

“I just feel like with all the stars that we have and the fan base there for these fighters over there, I mean these fighters have a ton of fans in Japan,” said Coker. “Why not go there and bring Strikeforce to Japan some time this year?”

It isn’t the first time Coker has repeated the same pie in the sky ideas over and over before settling on the more obvious and realistic plan – in fact, that’s kind of his modus operandi. But I figured since I gave him such a hard time about bringing Japan up before, it’s only fair that I mention that he’s talking about it again. If only so I can yell “See? See! AAARGH!!!” when the football is pulled out from in front of us Charlie Brown style again.

There’s a few reasons why the Japan idea would be nearly impossible – logistically it’d be a nightmare and a huge expense, unless everything is outsourced to shifty Japanese promoters. And even that would still cost Strikeforce a large chunk of whatever mystery pie they’d make.

On top of that, Strikeforce’s connections are with FEG, a company so strapped for cash they’d probably sell their daughters into sex slavery to pay back iffy debts. Trusting them not to pull shenanigans is like trusting a meth head to not ransack your house and pawn everything for more delicious meth.

And then there’s the broadcast issues. Anyone who’s watched Japanese MMA knows about the nightmare timezone difference between here and there. Is Showtime going to broadcast this thing on a tape delay? Or do you think a 2AM start time is a realistic option they’d be happy with? Plus foreign events always have huge problems getting any press in America. Even the UFC hasn’t managed to conquer that hurdle – international events often underperform to the tune of around 100,000 buys.  So why does Strikeforce – a company with shaky promotional abilities to start with – think they’d be able to pull this off without it hurting them?

  • CAP says:

    If Strikeforce didn’t appear so unorganized they seem to have the better connections and fighters to appeal to the japanese MMA market.

  • iamphoenix says:

    the time zone difference wouldn’t matter to me. i would be watching it primetime. maybe it’s you guys who are in the wrong place and time.

  • Predator8u says:

    Strikforce needs to go to Japan. Most of the HW GP fighters are NAMES in Japan, Where here they’re Jokes.