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More on Frank Mir wanting to break Lesnar’s neck

Midsy takes a look at Frank Mir’s recent “I wanna break his neck and hope he’s the first death in the Octagon” comments and makes the case for it being much ado about nothing:

Prior to UFC 94 last year, B.J. Penn addressed Georges St. Pierre in a video shot and distributed by the UFC by saying, “Georges, I’m going to go to the death. I’m going to try to kill you and I’m not joking about this.”

Just days before Mir made his comments about Lesnar, UFC President Dana White said, “You know what would happen to Herschel Walker over here? It would be the first death in MMA.”

The same week that Mir made his comments about Lesnar, another UFC heavyweight, Cain Velasquez, said of his UFC 110 fight with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, “He is going to have to kill me, and I will have to kill him to beat him out there, and that’s what we’ll do to each other.”

Chuck Liddell told Ariel Helwani of his upcoming fight with Tito Ortiz, “I’m gonna try to kill him.”

After earning a shot at Penn last year, Kenny Florian looked at Penn and said, “I consider you a master, and it’s time to kill that master.”

On the other hand, all of this was pretty obviously metaphorical, except for Dana’s quote where he really was trying to paint a picture of how dangerous having 47 year old newbs in the UFC’s heavyweight division would be. But you don’t really need several non-related quotes to try and classify Frank Mir’s quote as nothing more than standard trash talk. You just have to tell people to go listen to the interview (the full question / quote starts 12:45 in). It seems pretty clear that Frank wasn’t being all intense and serious. That still doesn’t excuse it though.

The problem here is that he tied it quite literally into Lesnar being the first UFC death. And because there’s always the possibility of someone dying in mixed martial arts, that’s not kosher – not as trash talk towards someone competing in the UFC, and not in a general sense with the fans. It’s the equivalent of telling someone who’s about to fly that you hope their plane crashes and they die a horrible fiery death. It’s just douchetastic.

Yeah, it’s just smack, but it’s uncool smack. It’s inappropriate smack. Talking about beating someone into a living death or ‘killing’ someone has become acceptable because that kinda stuff has been used for so long that the words have lost their meaning. But we’ve all seen guillotines that have made us worry for a few seconds that someone’s leaving the cage a cripple. Remember Nate Marquardt versus Jeremy Horn? Remember Dan Miller’s guillotine from hell? While snapping someone’s neck isn’t as easy as Arnie and Sly make it out to be in their movies, it’s still very possible for something like that to happen in the cage. So for Mir to say it, regardless of if he meant it, is not cool.