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More fights, please.

I see it at least once a week in interviews but I thought it was extra interesting to see two decent names in the UFC complaining about it on the same day: they want to fight more often.

Josh Koscheck

“Now I’m happy,” said Koscheck. “I told my management that I want to fight more. I want to fight as much as possible, and this year has been great because this is my fourth fight. It means I’m making money, and I’m happy.”

Jason MacDonald

“When you’re sitting for months at a time it’s hard to continue to stay motivated and sharp, and it’s hard to spar four to five days a week for a whole year,” he says. “When you have a fight coming you tend to train a little more intensely and I tend to stay sharper as a fighter. I’ve had some of my best years when I fight five or six times a year.”

And there’s tons of other guys who want to fight more. Off the top of my head there’s Anderson Silva, Quinton Jackson, Jon Fitch, Clay Guida, Michael Bisping, Dustin Hazelett, Nate Diaz, Mac Danzig, and on and on and on. All have made comments basically saying an extra fight or two a year would be awesome.