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More Fighting Fedor details

The general consensus from everyone I’ve talked to is that Donald Trump has very little to do with Affliction past being paid to represent them at press conferences and the like. Yesterday he proved that for the right money he won’t just blow you but any friends you bring along with you – as Affliction and M-1 ‘solidify’ their relationship, he started whoring for Fighting Fedor.

Right now the show is nothing but a concept, but I’m sure M-1 is hoping that Trump’s help will allow them to land on a decent television channel. Doubtful, but whatever. Here’s what Sam Caplan found out at the press conference:

Despite the fact that casting heavyweight hopefuls is a difficult task reflected by the fact that the UFC hasn’t touched the weight class on The Ultimate Fighter since season two, Millen told that the show will be casting fighters from the U.S., Russia, Japan, Brazil, and many other countries as well.

By selecting from a Global talent pool, M-1 officials expressed confidence that they will be able to put together a solid field of talent and Millen revealed to us that he’s been contacted by several well-known fighters looking for a shot at being on the show.

The show will be filmed out of the Red Devil gym in St. Petersburg, Russia, with the gym lacking many of the creature comforts that U.S. fans have become accustomed to seeing on TUF. The date in which the show will begin production has yet to be finalized, but Millen indicated that the show could begin filming as early as April.

Personally, I’ll be amazed if this gets off the ground and even more amazed if it doesn’t turn into a gigantic cock up. Jerry Millen is saying they’ve already got interest from major networks but I’d like to meet the TV executive that didn’t run screaming from the idea of a show full of random guys who don’t speak english training in Russia. Yeah, Russia … you know, the scary place that has made us forget how scary the Chinese are? So yeah, please introduce me to this television executive because I’ve got a show idea for him that involves a 30 minute closeup of my anus.