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More Facebook action for UFN 24

Props to for the sweet “updated” poster.

I guess we can officially declare that the UFC’s “Facebook experiment” is no longer just an experiment, cause they’re doing it again for this Saturday’s Ultimate Fight Night 24… except this time they’re going full-retard with a total of 5 fights stretching over 2-1/2 hours.  The Facebook stream was originally set to start at 9PM EST, featuring Jon Madsen vs Mike Russow, and Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres vs Mackens Semerzier.  Just this afternoon, the UFC apparently bowed to pressure from the Underground forums, and added another 3 matches: the Underground’s own Sean McCorkle vs Christian Morecraft, Edwin Figueroa vs Michael McDonald, and John Hathaway vs Kris McCray.  The 5.5 hour marathon will now kick off at 7:30, with the main card starting on SpikeTV at 10PM.

More yackity-yack plus the complete card after the jump…

Despite only making it to the quarterfinals on TUF 12, Bruce Leeroy was invited to the finale anyway to face cast-mate Nam Phan, but was forced out with an injury and replaced by the eventual winner via Jedi mind-trick, Leonard Garcia.  Semerzier made a splash in his WEC debut when he surprisingly triangled grappling ace Wagnney Fabiano in less than half a round, but has since lost 3 straight.  Leeroy most likely can’t cut the mustard in the UFC, and Sermerzier has already overstayed his welcome, so bottom line, this one’s got “win or GTFO” written all over it.

Jon Madsen also lost in the quarterfinals on TUF, but went on to win at the finale plus another 3 in a row.  The first 3 of those were rather boring decisions, but he finally got a finish in his last Octagon appearance when he knocked out Gilbert Yvel in under 2 minutes.  You probably remember Mike Russow as the doughboy who took a beating from Todd Duffee for 2-1/2 rounds, then pulled a miraculous KO out of flabby ass and knocked DuffMan right out of the UFC.  Russow hasn’t fought since, so here’s hoping he spent the time off working on his cardio, otherwise this one could end up being the kind of walrus fight that makes me hate a lot of HW matches.

John Hathaway was thought to be fairly hot shit after decisioning Rick Story, Paul Taylor, and Diego Sanchez, but was then put in his place by Mike Pyle at UFC 120.  Kris McCray got subbed in both the TUF 11 finals against Court “Amish Beard” McGee and his welterweight debut against Carlos Eduardo Rocha, so this could be a must-win.  On paper, this looks like a gift rebound for Hathaway.

Michael McDonald won his first Zuffa appearance at WEC 52 by 1st-round armbar, and is considered a top prospect at 135 lbs.  Replacing his injured opponent ” target=”_blank”>Nick Pace on less than 2-weeks notice is undefeated newcomer Edwin Figueroa, who has yet to see the 3rd round in his pro career.

Sean McCorkle may have internet-trolled his way into an easy 1st-round arm-snap of Mark Hunt, but then resident beanpole Stefan Struve showed him that life is usually a wee bit tougher in the big leagues.  Christian Morecraft was the previous Struve victim, and a second loss probably wouldn’t bode well for either of these two’s UFC contracts.

Kicking off the main card, The Korean Zombie steps up on short notice to avenge his controversial “slobber-knocker of the year” decision loss to Leonard Garcia, replacing the latest victim of Lenny’s judge hypnosis, Nam Phan.  Jung’s job is probably in more danger than Garcia’s here, as another loss would make 3 in a row for him.  But with both Jung and Garcia claiming they’ve given up the brawler style that made them famous, don’t be surprised if the rematch doesn’t live up to the original.

In a yet another injury substitution, TUF 9 runner-up DaMarques Johnson steps in for that season’s champ James Wilks against TUF 7 champ Amir Sadollah.  Both of these guys are coming off wins, so it seems kinda boring that there’s no extra heat from the threat of unemployment here… bummer.

Not so for Dan Hardy and Anthony Johnson, as Hardy’s riding a 2-fight skid and Rumble hasn’t fought since Josh Koscheck choked him out way back in November 2009.  Honestly though, I’d be kinda surprised if either guy gets cut unless they really shit the bed.  Although win or lose, Johnson might get banished to 185 if he misses weight again.

Speaking of shitting the bed, Little Nog desperately needs to redeem himself after unofficially losing one decision to Brilz and then officially dropping the next to Bader.  Unfortunately for him, in our final injury replacement of the night, Phil “Somewhat Muscled” Davis is exactly the kind of athletic wrestler that seems to be Minotauro’s kryptonite.  Again, I’d expect the UFC to give Lesser Nog another chance when if he loses this one, but the reputation of the Nog Bros would likely never recover its former glory.

Barring any more last-minute injuries, here’s the complete card:

Antonio Rogerio “Minotoro” Nogueira (19-4) vs. Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis (8-0)
Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy (23-8) vs. Anthony “Middleweight” Johnson (8-3)
DaMarques Johnson (12-8) vs. Amir “Tha Bomb” Sadollah (4-2)
Leonard “Hypno-Toad” Garcia (15-6-1) vs. “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung (10-3)

Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres (4-2) vs. Mackens “Mack da Menace” Semerzier (5-3)
Jon Madsen (7-0) vs. Mike Russow (13-1)
John “The Hitman” Hathaway (14-1) vs. Kris “Savage” McCray (5-2)
Edwin “El Feroz” Figueroa (7-0) vs. Michael “Mayday” McDonald (11-1)
Sean “Big Sexy” McCorkle (10-1) vs. Christian Morecraft (6-1)

Mario Miranda (10-2) vs. Aaron “A-Train” Simpson (7-2)
Johny Hendricks (9-1) vs. Anthony “TJ” Waldburger (13-5)
Nik “The Carnie” Lentz (20-3-2) vs. Waylon Lowe (10-3)

  • scissors61 says:

    fuck yeah, 5 more free fights. good stuff. 

  • frickshun says:


    This just made my night!!!!!!!

    Point me in the direction of our bald messiah so I can suck his cock….

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:

    1. Nice fucking post.
    2. 5 free fights on facebook. Fuck yeah.
    3. Mack is gonna kill bruce leroy
    4. love the couple of win or GTFO fights on the card.
    5. Hathaway got a fucking gift. He is gonna work McCray, might even get a finish.
    6. What the fuck happened to court Mcgee? hasn’t fought in a long time.

  • Letibleu says:


  • Symbul says:

    I love the five Facebook fights and that’s a nice rundown of the fights too.

    They’ve still got relevant fights going unaired (unless they make time on the broadcast anyway). With their respective reputations I doubt anyone will miss seeing Lentz-Lowe but Miranda-Simpson and Hendricks-Waldburger are solid, relevant fights. They’re not top level but they’re better fights than Garcia-Jung.

    Court McGee has a fight with Jesse Bongfeldt at 131.

  • Jim Harbaugh Scramble says:

    “Court McGee has a fight with Jesse Bongfeldt at 131.”

    Thank you. Looks like Court has another win coming his way.

  • 7th Offensive says:

    More into this card than 128. Think it’ll be better fights too.