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More EA MMA screenshots

EA Sports has a bunch of newish screenshots from their upcoming MMA game, and here are some of the interesting highlights:

-I was a bit disappointed after the boner inducing Fedor / Rogers / Monson screenshots to see how first-gen Nick Diaz and Cung Le look in these shots, but maybe they’re just not the best angles.

-Very cool is the variety of venues and fighting environments. Not only do you have cages and rings, but a bunch of different kinds of cages and rings in different types of buildings – from sketchy looking Eastern European halls to Brazilian gymnasiums to the standard US arenas for Strikeforce events. I’m hoping this plays itself out in some cool career mode where you work your way up from shitty little scrub organizations to the big leagues. That would be pretty awesome.

-Also cool: your fighters get sweaty and damaged as the fights go on.

Not included in the pictures but in an interview I saw over at MMA Convert is the fact that there will be different rulesets for different areas, including Japanese rules, which I hope means a 10 min / 5 min round system and racist anti-gaijin judging bias. I also hope that means foot stomps and soccer kicks – the kind of uber-violent stuff that doesn’t tend to happen much in real life but I’d love to make my bread and butter in a game like this.

All in all, good progress shown for the EA video game. I’m getting more excited for it despite the lack of interesting fighter options – if they have a better submission system than the UFC games, it might win over my heart.