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More dumb Jerry Millen stuff

“Well he challenged me to a fight but it was by his rules, it would be boxing.  I said, first you gotta get the okay from Lorenzo because everyone knows Lorenzo owns Dana, cause everyone knows Lorenzo bought the UFC and brought Dana the ex-aerobics instructor in and gave him 10 percent. That’s a given. So you gotta get Lorenzo’s okay. Number 2, I have children to feed so I’m not gonna risk my job at M-1 for some promotional stunt with Dana that he probably wouldn’t show up to. So I have to ask my boss Vadim. And he “Oh ho ho ho” And Dana called me on the phone and “I’m gonna kill you, I’ll kill you” and he threatened to kill me. And he had Don his assistant call me and he wanted to fly me to Vegas and put me in a first class hotel and box me in the UFC gym. Well I’m not gonna go into the snake pit, I’m not stupid.”

-Jerry Millen, admitting to Steve Cofield that he ducked a fight with Dana White. I wouldn’t call him out on it, but you’re not allowed to turn down a fight in a ‘snake pit’ and then try and offer the same thing up in another interview later that fucking day.

“If these guys in the UFC truly wanted to fight Fedor, they’d find a way,” Millen recently told Radio ( “Come to his training camp. Come to Stary Oskol, and we’ll do three, five-minute rounds in the ring or the cage. We’ll do it for fun.

“If you really want to fight him for competition, and it’s not about the money for the guys in the UFC, then tell Brock Lesnar to jump his ass on a plane, take a train, and come to Stary Oskol. If these guys really want to fight Fedor, then come to Stary Oskol and lets get it on there for no money.”