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More dissing of the Ali act

Thank god for Michael Rome, who takes the time to dish on topics I find to boring or difficult to string a coherent argument together for. He’s part of the crew who says the Ali Act is a dumb fucking idea and should not apply to MMA. I also happen to be a part of that crew. We’re working on a bomb diggety crew name as we speak, and considering an appearance on America’s Best Dance Crew. Anyways, here’s Mike’s thoughts on the Ali act:

There is simply no reason to believe fighters or fans would be better off simply because Matt Lindland could fight Anderson Silva.   The public tunes into fights to see personalities they know fight in exciting fights.     The idea that there is a gigantic market of people dying to know who the number one heavyweight in the world is is just wrong.   That question may be answered in two weeks when Fedor Emilianenko faces his first tough competition in years, and I suspect about 50,000 people will tune in to see it.

I think that if fans with Maysey’s view got their way, the MMA fan base that has expanded over the last three years would disappear.   These fans have made UFC pay per view shows a monthly activity because they know the fighters, have seen the hype shows, watch the reality show, and are able to follow things in a pretty simple fashion.   None of those fans care about Matt Lindland vs. Anderson Silva.

My main issue with the Ali act is it’s government interference where it doesn’t belong. Why the hell should the government be setting up laws on who gets to fight who in the goddamn Ultimate Fighting Championships? What ever happened to letting the free market decide what happens and what doesn’t? Hey, I’m all down for making sure fighters don’t get fucked – but I’m more down for making sure people in general don’t get fucked.

There are many many many people out there getting it up the asses from the people they work for. The only reason the government got involved with boxing is because there’s a bunch of fatcat cigar smoking senators who happen to be boxing fans that don’t like seeing their favorite fighters going broke after buying 10 cars and a retarded mansion.

If you want to set up specific laws that keep fighters from being exploited, that’s all well and good. But the Ali act certainly doesn’t acheive that goal, and has an assload of baggage on top of that which would probably rip the heart out of MMA and stomp it to death.