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More Dana / Tito stuff

If you like your news in proper paragraph form rather than just in random tweets, here’s Tito Ortiz talking more about how he and Dana White kissed and made up:

“UFC is not out of the picture…. There’s a possibility – I don’t know. I had a conversation with Dana last week, me and him spoke … we were really, really good friends at a point, best friends at a point, and everything got mucked up because of the fight game…. I wanted to be a man and squash things between me and him and wish him luck in his journeys and he did the same to me. So we kind of amended and squashed things, which is great. Dana showed the kind of person he is by apologizing to me and vice versa…. I’m very thankful for Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta from the UFC and I’m glad that me and Dana (White) kind of got to brush each other off. We may not still like each other or whatever but we came to amends – which is awesome. I gotta thank Strikeforce for giving me an opportunity and I want to thank Affliction for giving me an opportunity.”

Now I’m not really surprised at all this but it’s still kinda hard to imagine how Tito can just forget about all the consistently horrible things Dana White has said about him and his wife. Dana basically made running Tito Ortiz into the ground a nice little part time job for the past two years complete with a one hour special on Spike dedicated to how big of a pussy Tito is. It was a pretty epic shellacking, and (helped along by Tito being a dumbass) it was quite effective at damaging Ortiz’s rep.

So now I’d like to say I’m impressed at how Tito and Dana have managed to act like grownups for once, but really all this is is two dudes who hate each other’s guts realizing there’s simply too much money to be made together to throw it all away. I’m pretty sure greed isn’t considered a virtue, but when greed facilitates peace then I guess it’s not all that bad. So long as some individuals don’t mind leaving their self-respect at the door, that is. I’ll let you guess who I think that is.