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More Damage To Velasquez Than Originally Thought

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UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez underwent surgery to repair a knee injury last week that forced him out of a planned November title defense vs. Fabricio Werdum.

While the surgery was a success, doctors found more damage once they started tooling around inside the knee, according to his head coach.

“It turned out his MCL was worse,” said Javier Mendez, during an appearance on The MMA Hour. “They put two anchors on it, it turns out he’ll be out a little longer than anticipated.”

There is no timetable for his possible return to the Octagon, as Velasquez hasn’t fought since late last year.

Mendez also detailed what went down to cause the proverbial “last straw” to snap in regards to the injury.

“Originally, he had a slight tear in the meniscus, but he was fine,” Mendez said. “He was training. He was doing everything necessary for the fight. The fight was going to go on.

“And then he was working on sprawling drills and it was a little slippery. As he went to sprawl, he kind of went one way and his body went another way, and next thing I know I hear a yelp.”

In the mean time, Werdum will face Mark Hunt at UFC 180 on November 15 for the interim title.

  • aFriendlyAgenda says:

    Thats not BS.

    Its not as if Vel is trying to sit out his best competitive years.
    Or scared.
    If there was anybody to be scared of it was Dos.

    This is kinda heartbreaking news,
    and part of the baggage from a wrestling background.