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More clothing companies banned from the UFC

MMA Payout has the scoop on another clothing brand banned from the UFC. The best known example of this was of course Affliction, but MMA Authentics recently found itself getting the boot after some kind of dirty pool involving a Wal-Mart deal. The newest addition? Booyaa Fightwear:

Zuffa’s tenuous reasoning for the ban stems from Booyaa’s relationship with the King of the Cage fight promotion.   Booyaa’s relationship with KOTC and sponsorship of a KOTC card over two years ago were cited as reasoning for the ban.   KOTC is currently tied up in the ProElite situation, able to still put on cards but hamstrung by the murky status of ProElite and their various assets.

I dunno if I would say Zuffa’s reasoning is all that tenuous. Visiting Booyaa’s website produces no less than 10 instances of King of the Cage and / or ProElite being mentioned … and this is just the front page. Booyaa sells a special King of the Cage shirt, and their website is a near copy of the King of the Cage website. If I didn’t know any better (and of course, I don’t), I’d assume there’s a pretty tight relationship between Booyaa and KotC.

I know everyone likes to jump to the conclusion that the UFC is in the wrong, and hey … I’d say at least 25% of the time they would be right. But this seems pretty clear cut: Booyaa is in bed with the UFC’s competition, and that’s why they got refused.