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More calls for Zuffa to bring women into the fold

Michael Rome adds his voice to the list of people calling for Zuffa to add women’s MMA to the roster. Here’s part of his excellent article on the subject:

One option that has been discussed is creating a women’s division in the WEC.   They could actually run PPV shows if they had Gina Carano and Urijah Faber on top, whereas right now PPV is a nonstarter.

Creating a women’s division would create a great benefit for fans, fighters, and Zuffa. Women’s MMA is really the only opening out there to compete with Zuffa on, and they could close that opening very easily.

He also mentions the idea of a female season of TUF, something Spike has pushed for in the past. And while Mike ends his article on a positive note showing how Dana White has bent on issues in the past because the money made it worthwhile, I’ve got a feeling he won’t. I figure he thinks all it takes is one iconic image of a chick busted wide open to go viral and you can kiss sanctioning in New York goodbye for a few more years.

Still … you’d think having it in the WEC would give it a lower profile and allow things to grow without any risk of damaging Zuffa’s overall attempts to bring the sport mainstream. One can hope, right?