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More on Bonnar’s new gig

The WEC commentating table is starting to develop a history of being the go-to place for washed up Zuffa fighters the organization doesn’t want to fire. Back before Frank Mir rose like a phoenix from the ashes of his post motorcycle accident career, he got slotted into the WEC booth. Then it was Jens Pulver’s turn, and while his gig was memorable if only for the sweatervest, he tended to get a little overwhelmed any time actual fighting went down.

Now with Frank Mir too busy training for Shane Carwin (or possibly being punished for all that ‘first death in the Octagon’ talk), the UFC has turned to another guy who’d be fired long ago if he was anyone else: Stephan Bonnar.

Bonnar isn’t coming into this a complete booth newb, having done commentary for Ortiz/Griffin 1 back at UFC 59. He was aight … sure he’s got that goof voice and was a bit of a master of the obvious during that fight, but I’m sure he’ll be serviceable enough. At worst there’ll be more long stretches of silence like with Pulver … let’s just hope the resident WEC idiot Todd Harris doesn’t try to flap his head more to fill in the gaps. That guy is worse than Goldberg, which is a pretty impressive feat.

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