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More blame tossed at Showtime

Sherdog’s Jordan Breen adds to the chatter that Showtime is backseat driving Strikeforce right off a cliff:

A lot of people get mad that I’m critical of Strikeforce and I’ve realized that I think some of my critique is a bit mislaid in that I do attribute a great amount of the failings and shortcomings to Showtime. They decide who fights who, they decide who gets on television and who doesn’t. They’re in charge of these things at this point in time and Scott Coker and his boys, obviously still you know they aren’t powerless but they’re being taken for a ride by guys like Ken Hershman and those at Showtime who are making decisions and we can see they just aren’t people who know Mixed Martial Arts that well and certainly aren’t people who have a keen sense of what belongs on television, what it takes to develop prospects from the ground up in Mixed Martial Arts and get people interested and excited about a product on all levels the way UFC is able to do.