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More betting fun

The guys from BetUS invited us to participate in a cross-blog betstravaganza. The competition: MMaMania, CagePotato, MMA Weekly, FightHype and the Bookie. The contest: Make the most money off the UFC 94 sportsbook with 500 bucks. No, not real bucks. “Fantasy” bucks. Considering last night I had to eat my hotdogs in hamburger buns, I don’t think I’m in any financial condition to make real bets.   The person with the highest winnings gets to keep the actual money. Ha! Just kidding. I think we win another 2007 BetUS Swimsuit Calender and a coupon for a free soda at Subway.

Being the outside the box genius free-thinker that I am, I didn’t just spread my bets conservatively across the card like the FightHype or MMA Weekly dudes. I put together the most awesome parlay in the history of the universe:

Ryan from

To nobody’s surprise, Ryan took all his virtual money and bought a whole bunch of virtual beer with it, then got virtually drunk, then chose the gnarliest parlay I have ever seen:

$500 dollar Parlay of Georges St Pierre + Stephan Bonnar + Jon Fitch + Chris Wilson + Matt Arroyo to Win $2411.76

I actually feel like I’ve got a pretty damned good shot of coming out of this with the win. When your riskiest prospect is Georges St Pierre, that’s some pretty strong picks.

As usual, for full disclosure purposes we should tell you that we are nothing but a shadowy front for BetUS to lure you into ruining your life via the addictive vice of betting on fights. BetUS pays us every time someone signs up and deposits some money, and that money helps keep us solvent enough to buy all the hot dogs we need to stay strong and healthy.