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More bad news for the IFL

Poor IFL. Just when ya think trading cards and one decent turnout are gonna save the company, along comes news like this to bring you down:

The IFL filed a current report with the SEC announcing that although the deal with MyNetwork had been extended, they were unable to reach a definitive agreement with respect to tiers 1 or 3. Pursuant to their letter of intent, Fox was only obligated to negotiate tiers 1 and 3 through May 31. In addition, their current contract to be broadcast on Fox Sports Net expires this month. And while the current report states that “the company and the Fox Entities are continuing to negotiate definitive agreements and are continuing to telecast IFL programs”, this surely cannot be a good sign for the IFL fan out there.

I’d say more about this, but I’d recommend instead that you just read the original article. Anyone who writes “IFL’s stock price has gone down faster than a Tijuana crack whore on Cinco De Mayo” is a friend of mine.