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More awesome Japanese MMA shirts

We’ve been working on preparing another shirt for the Fightlinker store that’s basically our homage to the Japanese MMA scene. You may have heard of some of the more ridiculous MMA event names like “Shooto – Men Are Strong” and “DEEP – Barbarian Festival 5” or seen some of the excellent engrish shirts in posts from the past. We’re currently in the lab trying to recreate this awesomeness. But while doing some research for the new design we’ve found a whole new batch of great Japanese fight shirts with amusingly incorrect English. Here’s some of that stuff from Japanese MMA clothing company Reversal.

Poignant social commentary. I think.

Is the reason because girls suck? Fortunately we all just say “Word up.”

Respect. I threw this one in because it’s a pretty excellent oldschool MTV parody.

But isn’t he already… ah, never mind.

“Welcome to my lesson” is on a bunch of Reversal gear. I kinda dig it even though it doesn’t make much sense.

BRUTAL QUEEN! ClubBarbarian

Joshua joseph Thomson is HEAVY,LOUD AND FAST!

Are we talking about the same BJ? I like it.


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