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More Aoki vs Fedor details, or lack thereof

There’s very little information floating around regarding the Shinya Aoki / Fedor Emelianenko exhibition grappling match that’s happening this Wednesday in Japan, aka in 8 hours at 3AM EST. Rules haven’t been decided upon yet, and it looks like M-1 Global will stream the entire event EXCEPT for the Fedor / Aoki fight. Yeah, I know … what the fuck? According to M-1’s site, that fight “will not be available until Monday, May 4.” Cage Potato sums up the idiocy of all this quite nicely:

The question here is, what does video-on-demand basis mean?  Something about that syntax seems to suggest that we’ll have to pay for it, but that might just be the pessimist in me.

If they are asking us to pay for a five-minute exhibition bout that is ultimately meaningless but bizarre enough to be a curiosity, and asking us to pay for it nearly a week after the fact…that would seem like a bad idea.  As a form of entertainment, Fedor vs. Aoki is a little like a seal that plays “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” on a series of horns.  If I’m already at Sea World and I notice the show is starting in fifteen minutes, yeah, I’ll grab a frozen lemonade and watch that.  But I’m not going to go to much trouble to pay for the privilege, particularly not if the seal played the damn song five days ago (it is at this point where this metaphor gets completely ridiculous).

So long story short, there’s no way to watch this thing live and M-1 might try to squeeze a few bucks out of us to see it. But I’m sure video will surface on the net via unofficial channels soon enough, and when that happens I’ll do as much as I am legally allowed by copyright law to do to make sure you get to watch it.