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Monte Cox talks big about TV

Monte Cox was on Sherdog radio two days ago to talk about M-1. For the most part, Monte went through all the same talking points that have been repeated since their press conference two weeks ago. But one interesting thing worth talking about was M-1’s attempt to get on TV:

Cox confirmed that M-1 was still meeting with organizations on Friday and against on Monday to discuss terms of deals. He stated that on Tuesday, the organization will begin mulling over the terms of each deal and pick the best one that fits the organization. He did mention one confirmation of a rumor. ESPN is apparently in the running.

It’s pretty bold of them to make it sound like they’ve got TV deals left and right … like the hard part is going to be choosing between all their options. Considering the number of organizations which have fallen on their swords because they couldn’t get a TV deal worth more than the paper it was printed on, I seriously doubt this. And ESPN is ‘in the running’? Very interesting.

The MMA Analyst article goes over a number of reasons why ESPN would work with M-1 when they won’t work with the UFC. But they missed a very obvious reason: The UFC probably wants a fuckload of money and tons of conditions. ESPN is shameless in what they’ll cover … half the shit they show barely qualifies as sports. I have no doubt that M-1 could wrangle a hairy balls contract with them that will most likely result in their show getting a month delayed broadcast on Tuesday at 1am. But what the fuck is that worth?

  • Ryan H says:

    Testing one logged out that doesn’t have comments

  • You hit it on the head, Fightlinker. I did fail to mention the obvious reason why the UFC fails to qualify, they probably wanted bucket loads of money. M-1 may even just try to get a mediocre deal as well to provide a base for their fighters on the network and get the ball rolling.

  • hbdale309 says:

    You aren’t joking, K1 and Sanshou fights gets on ESPN, but usually it’s delayed 5-6 years not hours, and on really late at night on a weekday.
    If the best the Bodog could do is MYNetworkTV, M1 will get on a shitty channel also. Maybe the not so shitty FSN will sign them now that Pride is out and they may have cut their deal w/ IFL also. The best the Zuffa-backed WEC could do was Versus – which is a station so shitty that my cable company dropped them a few mos ago while keeping channels like BET and WE.

    M-1 will drop their pants and bend over a lot farther that Zuffa so maybe they’ll get on HBO. It would be cool to hear HBO broadcasters rip on that shitty promotion on live televison.

  • RoB says:

    well shit, i’ll shoot myself in the head if espn keeps running the world series of poker. i would definitely rather watch fedor fight tank abbot or that guy who wore one boxing glove back in the day. he should win those two fights why not play it on espn

  • Mr. Theplague says:

    Yeah, If FSN and espn will show bull riding and poker, they’ll show fucking anything under the sun.

  • LR says:

    Don’t forget the Dart Championships.

  • kentyman says:

    “One-hundred eighty!”

  • They play darts on the TVs at our gym all the time. And they play the office valium radio station. They’re stupid there.