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Monte Cox is the only sane one

Out of all the people involved with M1, I’d say the only guy I trust further than I can throw him is Monte Cox (and even then, that’s only because I can’t really throw him that far). Regardless, I kinda feel like he’s at the helm of an out of control ship in the middle of a storm … he can only do so much, and the ship will sink or survive more on God’s grace than anything else.

Anyways, Cox did an interview with some random guy, and had this to say about why Hong Man Choi was chosen to fight Fedor:

Brandon Brigham: Fedor will be fighting Hong Man Choi on New Years Eve in Tokyo, Japan. What are your thoughts on this match up and what do you have to say to the fans that have been critical over Fedor’s previous opponents and now, Hong Man Choi?

Monte Cox: There are a lot of politics and issues when you do fights in Japan. We are trying to get all the Japanese organizations to work together and we needed the opponent for Fedor to be from K-1… we looked at the Grand Prix and Choi was the only guy excited to do the fight… it will be a big deal in Japan and Korea… and that was the major concern… not how U.S. fans felt about it.

Of course, Monte forgot to mention that Semmy Schilt also basically called out Fedor after winning the Grand Prix tournament. I can understand why M1 ended up choosing Choi, but it’d be nice if Cox didn’t pretend like they had no other legitimate choices. Schilt took Fedor to a decision last time they fought, and that was before evolving into the best kickboxer in the world.

And Monte also gives us a hint of what Josh Barnett is up to (past beating up men who dress up like cat maids):

Brandon Brigham: The whole MMA World seems to be wondering what is going on with Josh Barnett. Has M-1 been in contact with Josh at all and if so, how have those talks been going?

Monte Cox: I contacted Josh shortly after I got the job with M-1 Global and never got a call from his manager. I keep hearing he is going to sign with Elite, but I’m not sure what he is doing.

It blows my mind that Barnett’s management didn’t return Monte’s call. Of course, who knows if other M-1 people were talking to Josh at the same time, causing all sorts of crossed wires and stupid bullshit. M-1 seems to have a pretty big problem with different people doing different stuff without anyone knowing what the fuck is actually going on.

As for Josh signing with EliteXC … it’d be kind of sad considering he’d be stuck fighting guys like Bigfoot Silva, but at this point I don’t really give a shit any more. Any fighter that’s not signing with the UFC is gonna end up fighting scrubs half the time anyways, so we all might as well just get used to the idea and move on with our lives.

  • márcio says:

    I’m still waiting to get what’s so great about the UFC talent pool. Sure they are the top organization right now, but really if you look at the fighters they have at each weight class, one can see that their fighter talent is not that deep.

    Nogueira (nº2 heavyweight in the world)
    Sylvia (yawn)
    Cro Cop (great striker that has had troubles adapting to cage fighting)
    Andrei Arlovski (good entertaining fighter that lost to Sylvia twice)
    Gonzaga, Kongo, Leslnar (not top 10 fighters)

    There’s still lots of talent outside the UFC that can make for good entertaining fights, Barnett can help an organization like EliteXC grow, and that can only be good for all the fight fans. UFC’s dominant position in 2007 has failed to deliver all the great fights it promised, they need a good scare to get them back in their game.

  • michael says:

    Schilt ‘challenged’ Fedor AFTER he won K-1 GP while negotiations with Choi were finished at the moment already. The contract was signed before Schilt said anything.
    Although I’d love to see Schilt-Fedor instead, but K-1 would never allow it considering they would have their champion lose shortly after having won K-1 GP which is unappropriate…

  • smoogy says:

    Not only that, but Schilt actually backed off his challenge to Fedor pretty quickly in the media.

    God you’re dumb sometimes fightlinker.

  • j says:

    wow, monte cox made the same exact comment about hong man choi on inside mma.

  • ajadoniz says:

    I sorta feel bad for Monte. He was the big man of M1 (for what, days?) until he had to sell his soul and power to get Fedor. I can see why the UFC lost out at the end.