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Monkey Muay Thai

Ah, media sensationalism. The Sun has an ‘expose’ on a ‘cruel ape fight club’, and they make it sound like a total cockfight:

THESE horrifying images show a barbaric display of animal cruelty at a theme park in Thailand.

Orangutans are made to dress up in shorts and boxing gloves and attack each other in front of baying crowds.

The shameful company was banned from hosting the fight — in which the apes viciously kick box each other — six years ago.

Animal campaigners say the apes, weighing up to 250lbs, could do themselves serious damage in the boxing ring.

The article goes on to talk about ‘grueling’ fights where the orangutans ‘slog it out’. So of course, I just had to track down a video to see for myself. And what do I find? It’s a fucking comedy show, one step above those old TBS Monkey-ed Movies. Now I don’t want to act like I’m down with animals being taken out of their natural habitat and made to perform for our amusement, but we have killer whales doing tricks for fish down in Florida and everyone still loves Seaworld. Interesting sidenote: Seaworld’s slogan is “As Real as it Gets”. I suppose they deserve it more than the UFC since when shit get real there, it really gets real.

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(Thanks to jackal BillyBigBalls for the find!)