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Money money money

Payouts for Fedor vs Werdum are out, and as usual I’ve arranged them from mega-cheddar to mouse sized cheese crumb amount:

  • Fedor Emelianenko: $400,000
  • Cung Le: $100,000
  • Fabricio Werdum: $100,000
  • Josh Thomson: $60,000
  • Scott Smith: $55,000
  • Cris Cyborg $35,000 (includes $15,000 win bonus and $5,000 champion bonus)
  • Pat Healy: $8,000
  • Yancey Medeiros: $8,000 ($4,000 win bonus)
  • Jan Finney: $6,000
  • Chris Cope: $3,000 ($1,000 win bonus)
  • Bret Bergmark: $3,000 ($1,500 win bonus)
  • Bobby Stack: $2,800 ($1,500 win bonus)
  • Vagner Rocha: $2,500
  • Derrick Burnsed: $2,000
  • Gareth Joseph: $2,000
  • Ron Keslar: $1,500

Who definitely got more than listed: It’s no secret that the majority of Fedor’s paycheck gets filtered through the promotional relationship between Strikeforce and M-1 Global. Affliction paid 1.2 of his 1.5 million per fight fee to those crazy Russians. Is Fedor making more than that per fight or is actually co-promoting with Strikeforce costing them money? I kinda hope it is, just for the lulz.

Who’s not making as much as he used to: Cung Le used to be the guy who was probably making more than what was listed, but that was back when a bit role in Tekken made him the biggest star in Strikeforce. Le got paid 50k less than he made for fighting Scott Smith the first time, which itself was 50k less than he made against Frank Shamrock back in 2008.

The Fedor Bonus: Ah, the magic pay bump everyone gets for fighting the Last Emperor. The other time we got to see Werdum’s paycheck, he made 25k/25k against Mike Kyle. Back when he was in the UFC he made 80k/80k. For the Fedor fight, he made 100k … flat. Not bad when everyone expects you to lose. That seems to be the nice thing about Strikeforce … they don’t insist on that crazy Vegas style “half your money is only if you win” payscheme.

The ‘Champ Bonus’: Strikeforce was nice enough to throw Cyborg an extra 5k as a ‘champ bonus’, a nice gesture that means she only makes 20k less than go-to punching bag Scott Smith.

Price per punch: Speaking of go-to punching bags, Jan Finney made $42.50 for every punch, kick, and knee she ate from Cris Cyborg.