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Mohegan Sun wants in on Athletic Commission assholery

Without athletic commissions, I’d barely have anything to write about. So I’m very happy to welcome the Mohegan Sun Athletic Commission to the list of commissions to watch when it comes to fucking shit up and causing drama. And boy, what drama! Friday started out just like any other days for the Global Fighting Championships. Little did they know, the letters GFC were cursed! Check this shit out:

Mark Kerr and Edwin Dewees, both scheduled to fight on the main card of tonight’s Global Fighting Championships’ event in Connecticut, were removed from the card by the Mohegan Sun Athletic Commission.

Kerr, according to manager Ken Pavia, passed all of his physicals leading up to the fight and had been training diligently to face Sean O’Haire. During the routine pre-fight physical at the weigh-ins yesterday, results indicated that his blood pressure was elevated.

Pavia said that Kerr’s team requested that his blood pressure be re-measured with digital equipment, but that their request was denied and Kerr will not be allowed to fight tonight.

They pulled him out due to elevated blood pressure? That’s certainly a new one. Typically they tell you to lay off the bacon, not stop you from competing in athletic competition. And the request for a remeasure with digital equipment implies they denied him based on one of those old-school hand pump units alone. Goddamn. But wait, it gets better:

The Global Fighting Championships premiere event has been cancelled, one hour before the first touch of gloves was to have taken place in the ring. The event was scheduled to begin at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST at the Mohegan Sun Arena, within the popular east coast casino and hotel.

Joseph Smith, public relations manager for the Mohegan Sun, said the night was canceled due to “insufficient bouts.” Pressed for details, Smith said that there simply weren’t enough bouts for the commission to allow the event to take place. He could not comment on how many fights were canceled or how many fighters were disqualified from participating.

I really don’t know what to say. The commission canceled the event because they disqualified so many of the fighters? That’s literally insane. It’s not like these are out of shape tubbies here … most of these guys other than Mark Kerr are dedicated professional fighters! To have so many fighters out on health issues smells ultra-fishy, especially considering two of them were denied for such bullshit reasons.

Well, congratulations Mohegan Sun: you’re officially more sketchy than the CSAC when it comes to mixed martial arts events.

  • Assholery was the perfect word. It sucks an athletic commission ruined what could have been a good debut for the promotion especially when their rationale for denying the fights is questionable at best.

  • ajadoniz says:

    I’m sitting here thinking about it and I get the gut feeling that Dana White and Co. had a hand in the undoing of GFC’s debut. Wear your tinfoil hats while replying.

  • The more i read, the more it seems like a screwjob. I’ll be updating this one as it develops :-p

  • Red Cat says:

    i saw the weigh in Kerr looked like he was gonna pass out, i think the Athletic Commmission made a good call, Edwin Dewees cut to much weight and also had high blood pressure. I dont see how it can be a bad thing to stop a fighter from fighting if his health is at risk. It sucked the evenrt got canceled but i for one would rather that happen than some fighter get hurt becasue he shouldnt have been fighting to begin with.