twitter google to make a better fight finder

I’ve never really understood why is so huge … I know they’ve been around forever and they’ve got a pseudo-snappy web address, but their forum is hella ugly (I mean come on, who uses frames any more???) and past that their website is just a big yellow and blue pile o’ plop. Yet they continue to thrive as one of the largest MMA sites on the net, rivaling mighty Sherdog itself in volume of retarded forum users.

Now it looks like is going to be taking on Sherdog in a more direct way. Up until this point, Sherdog has totally owned the competition with it’s event results database, also known as the Fight Finder. But now it looks like that could change, because just won a contract with the Association of Boxing Commissions to build a new database:

The way the record-keeping process works is that all of the commissions throughout the United States that regulate MMA will be required to send their results in to the MMA LLC people, usually within a period of about 48 hours. The record-keeper will then enter it into a database, which will have the strength of being the product of results that are certified by regulatory bodies. Fighters who have been knocked out and are suspended by a jurisdiction will be placed on a centralized Suspension list, so that those suspensions, as well as any other disciplinary actions, can be honored by all the other jurisdictions.

The cool thing about this new database is it’s going to be much more comprehensive than the one Sherdog has up and running. Word from the camp is they’re also going to include information such as what weight the fight was fought at, who was refereeing, who was judging, the card scores, and all sorts of other cool shit. Personally, I’m very excited at the prospect of getting to cross-reference exactly how many fights Cecil Peoples has scored completely wrong.