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MMA – yep, it can fuck you up

(there’s a ton more where this one came from!)

Tracy Lee, the brains and breasts behind awesome photosite Combat Lifestyle, had this to report regarding Kim Couture’s 3 round decision loss/beating from Friday:

The bell rang and Kim Rose rushed in. With a quick flurry of punches, an uppercut found its mark within 5 seconds and had Couture collapsing on the ground. Referee rushed in, ready to stop the bout, but Couture was able to find her bearings and fight back. For the entire 3 rounds, Dave Mandel and I watched as she fought the fight, but wasn’t quite “all there”. She took a beating, although didn’t ever give up, and fought back and gave a beating of her own.

After all was said and done, we were told that the first uppercut split her jaw in two, and the left side was hanging about a quarter of an inch lower than the right. She fought the ENTIRE fight like that, not quitting or giving up. She took a NUMBER of punches to the face, as well as got caught in a few guillotines that for SURE stressed on her jaw. Even an elbow at the throat pushed against the bone had to be excruciating.

A lot of our readers were questioning the logic behind Kim going pro after 9 months, and I certainly agree with them. But MMA deals with itself … people who try to compete above their means find out rather quickly and painfully that they bit off more than they can chew. On the other hand, I stick to my original statement: Kim is a lot tougher than I used to give her credit for.

  • Wu Tang says:

    This goes to those peeps who think they can do MMA. Its hard work, lots of suffering, even more blood and shit load of tears. MMA is an emotional rollercoaster, many give up lots of things to pursue this. And if you are married to one of the best fighters in the world, it does not make you a fighter or put you in that category! Wonder why Fedor’s wife isnt fighthing? Exactly.

  • Hammer says:

    Agreed Wu Tang,
    I actually think the whole thing cheapened the sport.. I mean what other sport gives that kind of exposure to a woman that trained less than a year with no previous fights??. It does all of MMA a disservice and makes even boxing look credible. She does have an impressive rack. Unfortunately titties dont win fights..

  • Foojita says:

    Uhhhh…shouldn’t a ringside doctor have stopped this?

    I’m all for a good beating but her jaw split in half.

  • Dmitri says:

    Will her chin split in two everytime she’s punched?

  • Roxy says:

    I saw some more pics, and it really got me pissed off.

    Randy should know better, for one, than to let a beginner fight MMA. She obviously wanted to, or she wouldn’t have kept going.
    I was reading on sherdog and seeing more pics, and her hands were like COMPLPETELY DOWN as she was getting punched square in the face. I mean, that happens, hell I’ve been caught, but BEFORE you get in the cage/ring, break that habit.
    You’re right about how MMA deals with itself….

  • Roxy says:

    I mean, I just feel bad for her. I don’t want her to quit. I want her to hit the gym for a few years, and THEN come back. I feel bad for her injury. ;_;

  • Wu Tang says:

    Reguardless of anything, 1 year of MMA shouldnt be suffice to put you in the show. Thats one yaer of BJJ, one year of Wrestling, one year of Muah Thai, One year of boxing and one year of calibrating those skills. ONE FUCKEN YEAR FOR ALL THOSE!!! And trust me, when i took BJJ, in one year after i started, i wasnt good, was able to beat a blue belt at a mcdojo, but a real school, no. And one year of boxing.. Yea, wont do any good. One year of ect ect. Over all, it takes years to develope those skill. Training is suppose to simulate a fight, and get you prepared for it, so you will leave the fight with less damage possible. Thats what training is for. And the 3 months that leads up to the fight is pushing your body overdrive on HONING THOSE SKILLS YOu HAVE!!! Which is an intense crash course, cardio drivin, weight managment, being beatin up, bloodied, crying, mental breakdown, suffering that anyone has to go through. Unless you are prepared for this, or think you are, then ill say go for it. But do it once you have some sort of skill under your belt, to prove to your school and yourself taht MMA is right for you. Kim Cout. Dont quit MMA. Many do after their first loss, but dont do mma forthe sake of your husband.. That is just.. Retarded.

    Oww, im not an MMA fighter, getting hit in the head hurts, i can take a hit, but man it hurts :), but i still can kick many peoples ass ;P

  • Lifer says:

    tell me more tales of your ass kickery!

  • I saw Kim Couture’s amateur debut and its sad that I saw this coming a mile away. She looked horrible in the amatuer fight and I’m amazed how blatant promoters are in trying to capitalize off her name and how callous her own people were (espeically Randy) for letting her turn pro after one poor amateur smoker.