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MMA wins rematch with Bob Reilly

Awesome news! Bob Reilly worked his dumb ass off to try and stop MMA from getting past the New York Tourism Committee, and he fucking failed:

Mixed martial arts raised its hand Tuesday in New York, as a bill to regulate the sport in the key state passed with majority approval through the state assembly’s Committee on Tourism, Parks, Arts and Sports.

Bill 2009-B, which places the regulatory duties of the sport back in the hands of the New York State Athletic Commission, passed with a 14-6 vote. The state’s Codes Committee will now review and vote on the proposal’s legal implications. It is expected to then move right to the assembly floor for its final vote.

On Tuesday, Reilly addressed the committee for 20 minutes. Reilly illustrated his belief that the sport was both unsafe and of a seedy element with a video that included footage from the November 2008 heavyweight title bout between Brock Lesnar and Randy Couture, TUF veteran Corey Hill’s gruesome leg break from a charity event last December, and UFC President Dana ‘s profanity-laced rant against a reporter last April.

This is a nice change from the first time MMA went up against Bob Reilly. And I doubt this will be the last we’ve heard of him … I get the feeling that he’s quite enjoying the attention he gets as the politician leading the moral war against human cockfighting in his state. But ya know what? This vote wasn’t even close. I have to wonder if Reilly hasn’t come off as a total nutter to his comrades as well as us MMA fans with his claims that MMA and violence against women and children are two sides of the same coin. Now that would be assuming that the other politicians have an iota of common sense, but who knows? They just took one big step towards regulating MMA. That’s a good sign to me.