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MMA Uncensored has War Machine’s last moments of freedom

Preview – War Machine’s New Fight
Get More: Preview – War Machine’s New Fight

War Machine’s prison drama has been great for MMA website traffic, so it’s not surprising that now the topic is making it’s jump to television. MMA Uncensored Live (formerly MMA Junkie until they decided to go for a way less generic name) takes us into Jon Koppenhaver’s last hours before returning to jail for busting up a bouncer at a gay bar. It sounds like it’s gonna kinda be like a meathead 25th Hour, so check it out. Or check out 25th Hour, cry, then watch the War Machine thing for a few giggles. Not that him going back to jail is funny, but if they retell the story about how he chased that dude around the dumpster after beating up half the guys at a porn party … well, that’s pretty hilarious.

  • iamphoenix says:

    I have War Machines porno on VHS.

  • scissors61 says:

    War Machine going back to jail isn’t funny? News to me.

  • CAP says:

    It isn’t surprising either.

  • JAckc says:

    when you beat up people in public and not in the ring, you go to jail in a civilized society….i dont feel sorry for him at all…all he does is blame others for being violent and immature outside the ring (remember he compared his oppression to slavery and the Jews?)….he has been lucky to serve the little jail time that he has