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MMA is turning kids into violent psychopaths

You know an anti-MMA article is gonna be good when it starts off like this:

In the 1985 movie “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome,” Mel Gibson as the film’s hero is forced to participate in a bloody, to-the-death fight in a large cage from which he is not allowed to exit. The bloody fighting was performed for the blood lust of the applauding audience. This theatrical fight seems now, 25 years later, to have been a precursor to what has become a multi-million dollar entertainment industry known as “cage fighting.”

This is an article from Libertarian politician Bob Barr, who is surprisingly up in people’s biznizz despite his political affiliation. He goes on to bring up that wacko case of the MMA fighter who cut his friend’s heart out of his chest because he was high on drugs / religious enough to think Satan had literally taken his friend’s body over. Barr’s argument: MMA is to blame for that, youth bullying and violence, and the general downfall of western society as we know it. Yep, never mind the drugs or the God-related delusion involved. It’s that Thunderdome shit, man! Way to go, Tina Turner.

(link via FightOpinion)