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MMA rule changes

The last time the Association of Boxing Commissions got together and tinkered with the Unified Rules of MMA, they completely botched the situation by boxercising the weight classes. Everyone freaked out, and the rule changes were ditched. Now they’re at it again, and this time things look like things will be a bit more sane:

Lembo said there also needs to be compromise on a consistent number of rounds for female fights as well as the definition of “back of the head,” which is illegal to strike. Lembo said as more and more athletic commissions begin to regulate MMA, it is important that fighters can count on consistent rules in every state in which they compete.

“It shouldn’t be you go to one state and the fighters have got to learn,’ok, the back of the head means this here,'” Lembo said. “I want to get everybody on board one way or the other.”

Off the table: weight classes, and knees to the head on the ground. On the table: standardized amateur rules. Yeah, not exactly world changing stuff here, but let’s face it: the less they change, the less likely they are to fuck things up.