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MMA Rated owned! (by very powerful peeps)

BusinessWeek just released a top 100 list of influential people in sports, and MMA gets some repping in there. Dana White hits #61, Mark Cuban is #44 (althoug that has more to do with owning the Dallas Mavericks and possibly the Chicago Cubs than anything he’s diddling with in MMA), and at #46 is Casey Wasserman.

Wait, who the fuck is Casey Wasserman? Wasserman is the CEO of Wasserman Media Group, the agency that manages an army of athletes from baseball to soccer to MMA. In our sport. they rep Gina Carano, Randy Couture, Cung Le, Rickson Gracie and …!

Yep, that’s right. We knew Ariel’s site had a sugar daddy, but we never knew his sugar was so sweet. This kicks the corporate asses of both Sherdog (Crave Online) and Cage Potato (Break Media), and explains why Ariel has had the resources behind him to travel America non-stop, breaking news left and right. Major props to him for working his ass off and making MMA Rated the success it’s been thus far.